About ‘Eye Candy Gal’ Nichole Varley

Nichole Varley, FSP, traces the origins of Eye Candy to the kitchen of her childhood home. It was there where the passionate young chef in training took every opportunity to whip up unique treats for her family and friends, and the decades of baking have paid off.
Nichole has perfected her famous frosted sugar cookies, which she presents individually and as bouquets, and also offers cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, custom desserts and seasonal favorites.
For more than a decade, her company Eye Candy has consistently created dazzling baked goods for weddings, showers, milestones, fundraisers, church gatherings and corporate events for 10 to 100 guests. Although no two orders are alike, Eye Candy’s focus on fresh, quality ingredients and attention to detail are common threads in all of her work.
Eye Candy looks forward to wowing new and return clients with custom, memorable desserts for their next special event in the Chicago area.
Contact Nichole today to discuss your needs at 815-600-1484 or eyecandy_gal@yahoo.com.

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